No matter what your views on immigration are, separation of children from their parents should be horrifying to everyone. Who is verifying these children are: 1. Fed adequately; 2. Receiving necessary medical care; 3. Have proper hygiene facilities; 4. Are safe from abuse by either the adult caretakers or other children? Locking young kids in “dog kennels” is horrendous. Children are not stray dogs. They are innocent kids.

Who is going to protect them when a tornado or hurricane destroys the “tent city” they are forced to live in? As a parent, I am horrified at the thought of having children forcibly separated from their mothers and fathers. How can anyone look at the pictures now surfacing on the news and turn a blind eye?

I implore you to contact your people in Congress and demand action to put a stop to the directive that is immoral, inhumane and possibly criminal. Senators can be reached by mail, phone or online at; for Representatives, go to www.

I thought I would never have to say this, but I am ashamed to be an American right now, and everyone in this country should be, too. If you do nothing to speak out, then you are complicit in any harm that these children may endure.