Original sin

After the release of the FBI IG Report, I believe no one is wise enough to understand what really happened with Hillary’ Clinton’s entire private email account, the exact timelines of the behavior of everyone involved and all those who are accountable. Many have been interviewed, but no one has yet been incriminated.

There’s also a lot of speculation and spin espoused by pundits of both political sides. Many believe the partisan descriptions that satisfy their ideology, but if both sides could be debated fairly, the debate would end in an impasse.

So, what is the right thing to do? I believe the right thing is to acknowledge the original sin of Hillary Clinton, who was “extremely careless” or “negligent” in handling “highly classified information.” Hillary used poor judgement for reasons only known to her, and she still tries to convince others that she did not “intend” to compromise classified information. But, she did, didn’t she? If Hillary would have initially chosen to properly secure her classified information, as was her duty, then this entire episode would have been averted, right? If Hillary acted responsibly, there would not have been enormous time and cost wasted nor emotional trauma suffered.

Hillary’s marginalization afterwards is not enough punishment, although she may eventually grasp that had she acted responsibly, she may have been elected president. The only right thing to do is to have Hillary “do the time for the crime” or, in this case, for the original sin. If justice is blind, indict Hillary!