A big thank you

This last session of the New Hampshire Legislature, the 23 members of the Ways and Means Committee voted against citizens. They voted to kill House Bill 1673, a bill to reduce the 12 and 18 percent interest rates charged by towns and cities on delinquent property taxes, something our constitution says no to.

The writers said no government shall make money beyond the voted taxes, and yet their lobbying group, the New Hampshire Municipal Association, testified that the towns and cities would lose hundreds of thousands of dollars if the bill passed.

The New Hampshire Municipal Association pays their lobbyist through dues extracted in town’s and city’s budgets from property taxes so, in effect, we pay to have them work against the citizen. WHY?

But there is good news. Rep. Scully, of Nashua, introduced a bill to reduce the interest towns and cities could charge and, even though the legislators on Municipal and County, voted to kill the bill. Rep. John Burt moved on the floor to remove from the consent, and moved a vote to overturn the recommendation to kill, so no more usury interest for those property owners who can’t afford years of 18 percent interest charges on built up interest.

Rep. Scully and Rep. Burt deserve the thanks of every citizen who has trouble paying their property taxes. A real thumbs down to the high paid lobbyist of our so-called New Hampshire Municipal Association who testified against reduction of the interest.