What can we believe in?

I am responding to Leonard Pitts, who recently was published in your paper. While I agree with most of his points, I don’t think he puts enough emphasis on the role that journalists’ biases play into the misinformation that passes for news today. He makes my point throughout his article, third paragraph he calls the president and his advisors liars as an example, no mention of the lefts’ lying.

Near the end, he uses examples, but they are all self-serving against the right. This is the prime example of why no one trusts the media.

All the big news organizations are owned by the rich and are biased whichever way those owners demand. There is no unbiased reporting anymore, let alone verifying the facts. I think its time for a constitutional amendment to make it a federal crime to disseminate information as fact without any supporting details. I realize that the internet has no borders, but some countries have been successful in forcing Google and Facebook into blocking certain content.

Perhaps, if we start in America, our allies around the world would join in. Otherwise, as Mr. Pitts says we are doomed.