Unreported news

Multiple media releases are reporting devastating effects from Israel’s new expanding bullets. This deadly round – never seen before – is known as the “butterfly bullet.” It explodes upon impact, pulverizing tissue, arteries and bone, while causing severe internal injuries.

Twenty-four amputees in Gaza were shot with this single explosive bullet, including journalists Yaser Murtaja and Ahmad Abu Hussein, who succumbed to their wounds after being shot in the abdomen. Gaza’s health ministry spokesman and Doctors Without Borders described “their internal organs (as) totally destroyed, pulverized.” The expanding bullet causes an explosion inside the body.

The testing of weaponry on human targets is standard procedure for the Israeli government. Its military-industrial complex brags in its sales promotions that its armaments are “field tested.”

The Israeli and U.S. government excuse this brutality as “Israel’s right to defend itself.” Targeting unarmed journalists, children and others with ammunition under development is not defensive. It is brutality, plain and simple.

In light of Israel’s use of this new bullet and also a new gas that results in convulsions and loss of consciousness, Israel is showing its true colors. It is not a partner for peace but a brutal master of offensive war.

Palestinians have no army, navy, air force, drones, sophisticated surveillance, or nuclear weapons, as Israel does. Do Palestinians have the right to defend themselves after having land, water, natural gas, and their very lives stolen?

It is time for the U.S. to end its $10.41 million per day gift/aid to Israel.