Support for Title X

Recently, the Trump Administration proposed a policy that ban Title X family planning funding for any doctor, health center or hospital that provides safe, legal abortion, or even refers patients for abortion services or provides full and comprehensive information about the procedure.

I am absolutely outraged by this attack on public health care. Without the services of providers like Planned Parenthood, there will be no place for low-income people to turn to for basic health care like contraception, cancer screenings and well-woman exams.

If President Trump gets his way, 18,000 New Hampshire women and men who depend on Title X funds for their reproductive health care will lose access to that care. Blocking quality, comprehensive health care will do nothing but increase the rates of unintended pregnancy and STDs in our state and across the country.

We cannot stay silent about this blatant attack on patients and medical providers. Luckily, we have a window of time to speak out before this policy goes into place. I urge you to join me in submitting a public comment expressing your outrage at this new policy to HHS Secretary Alex Azar.