Don’t suppress my freedom of speech

Recently, some person or persons drove into two of the large signs placed legally supporting Northern Pass with my name as owner.

The First Amendment of our Constitution guarantees free speech, but apparently some still believe they have the right to suppress any speech that doesn’t agree with theirs.

Those signs, one of which may be damaged beyond repair, another which has been put back together and even one which got taken from the field on Rote 43 coming from Candia, are worth more than $300 apiece, then you count the money of having someone come and repair them you’re talking real money that ends up very costly.

So, while I am sure there are those who are laughing over their vandalism, they ought to be thinking when you cut off one person’s free speech how long before we in America all lose free speech?

I can agree we all have rights, but I will debate my position versus others. I just don’t like the bullying I have suffered on several occasions to my freedom of speech in Deerfield and at hearings hosted by the SEC.