History may identify the Trump presidency and the Kim Jong show as a hit, but more likely as the Gong Show flop. If Trump becomes known as the “Un” president, it won’t be because he made a deal with the North Korea president, but because he is uncouth, uninformed, untruthful, unstable and unprofessional.

His crude, improper and coarse behavior and speech personify uncouthness. Not to mention his thoughts, “If Ivanka were not my daughter, I’d be dating her.” Enough said!

His recent comments regarding “caravans of immigrants” highlight that he simply doesn’t understand the conditions and details of the DACA law. His statements regarding the trade deficit with China is off by a factor of 10, because he doesn’t understand those details either. He can’t even accept the fact that the Post Office makes money on Amazon deliveries, because he simply wants it to be not true.

He constantly lies about his infidelity, the size of his inaugural crowd, national crime statistics, his original support of the Iraq war and who benefits the most from his tax bill. No fact is too small to distort or too big to honor. Recently, he joked about lying to Prime Minister Trudeau, because he didn’t know the facts of our trade levels with Canada. And then there is who will pay for “the wall.” Oh, don’t forget the trade war he is starting with China, which is really not a trade war because he says it isn’t so.

The man is unstable in his thinking and reasoning. He is constantly changing his position and, as frequently reported, deciding an issue based on who he spoke to last, regardless of their level of expertise. His normal modus operandi is to rant, rage, strike out to disparage and insult and to call everything he doesn’t like fake news. A well thought out and reasoned response.

Finally, the guy is just pure and plainly unprofessional. He cares not that he is embarrassing the office of president, his family and the country. He cares only about his own self-aggrandizement. He praises despots and dictators while insulting allies, war vets and gold star families. He disrespects our time-tested institutions, constitutional processes and the basic principles of governance. He is totally unimpressive and uninspiring. Sad.

Hopefully, by voting out, in the next two elections, this Putin puppet and the GOP peanut gallery, we can make American government effective and believable again.