Moose in N.H.

I volunteered to work an event this weekend at the Audubon Center about Loons and Moose – two species completely foreign to a southerner – and the detrimental effects shorter winters are having on them.

Relatively new to New England, I’ve quickly come to love the nature, seasons and wildlife that thrive here. It was unfortunate to learn these iconic animals are in danger of disappearing from our state. Ticks thrive in shorter winters; researchers are finding as much as 75,000 ticks on a single moose, and I’m sure many of you can attest to their population increase in your own back yards. Moose calfs die from blood loss and adults become so weak that they’re unable to ovulate. If you can, take a moment to research our New Hampshire moose, why the winters are getting shorter and urge your state representative to support environmentally responsible legislation.