Letter was disgusting

The Feb. 4 Letters to the Editor contained a disgustingly sexist letter from Fred Teeboom likening all males mentioned in the #MeToo movement to the innocent, yet persecuted “witches” from the days of the Salem Witch Trials.

The author suggested that the only way that any male businessperson could protect himself from harassment allegations was to never hire a female in any occupation. No, there was not a disclaimer identifying this as satire.

It simply sounds like disgusting thoughts from a frequent contributor to this paper; any decent human should be embarrassed to be associated with someone who holds these beliefs.

I personally hope that this is the last time that the public is exposed to his words and support for his political causes withers.

Mr. Teeboom has the constitutional right to speak about his ridiculously sexist thoughts, but why in the world would The Telegraph give him a platform to disseminate this filth to the public? Is your policy to print EVERY letter, no matter how useless and disgusting? I recognize that censorship of ideas is a slippery slope. However, if your paper will print blatantly hateful, sexist, racist or similar ideas, without context or rebuttal, then I can no longer support it. We, as a community, must have some standards.