Vote for Life bill

Following a suggestion by Peggy Noonan in a recent edition of the Wall Street Journal, I would like to propose a Vote for Life bill. The bill would contain two parts.

The first would to ban all AR-15-type weapons, and would include a reward of $2,000 for every weapon turned in to authorities, and a $20,000 penalty for anyone selling such a weapon or using one for any purpose, including target shooting.

Federal, state and local authorities would be excluded from the ban.

The second part would be to ban all third-trimester abortions. It would include a $2,000 reward for all pregnancies carried to birth, and a $20,000 penalty for anyone performing such an abortion, unless a preponderance of evidence convinced a state board that it was medically necessary to save the life of the mother.

Such a bill would take up less than a page in the Federal Register, and would be far more effective than the hundreds of special-day proclamations that clutter the floor of Congress.

Compromise, and climb out of the “do nothing” mindset.