Support SB2 in Hollis

There has been much interest in Hollis for SB2 (ballot voting) at our Co-op, and I’d like to weigh in on this issue. 

For years, I’ve believed there was just one way for an annual school district meeting to work with everything being presented, discussed, debated and decided at once. What I’ve learned recently is that SB2 will add the opportunity for voters to weigh in at the polls 30 days following the deliberative session.

This makes sense on many levels, because it brings more voters to the table who otherwise would not have a voice, adds time to consider the merits of the proposals and adds fresh perspectives. Attendance is poor at town meetings now, and many people are not comfortable voting publicly. With SB2, voters across the communities of Brookline and Hollis can cast their vote privately on Election Day or by absentee ballot – a plus for many people. 

Having compared and contrasted the two systems, I’m strongly in favor of SB2 for the Co-op, and will be supporting the change on Election Day, March 13.