New Hampshire should not support latest tax plan

I think tax reform is warranted. But I have been increasingly alarmed at what is trying to be passed for reform. It is instead a tax bill that clearly benefits the very well-to-do.

Why? Do not the rest of us need help? Trickle-down economics has been shown to not work. Indeed, CEOs have said they will not be putting extra revenue into jobs. Why do we want to tax student loans and graduate students, our future, and our answer to the need for an educated work force?

Why do we want to imperil social programs that help our neediest? Why do we want to imperil our ability to improve our infrastructure?

Improved infrastructure will likely be more important to increased growth than tax cuts to corporations and wealthy individuals. And do the wealthiest really need a break in their estate tax? This only helps the top 0.1 percent of the population who already have plenty!

What is happening? New Hampshire should not support this type of tax reform. I am saddened to hear that our governor thinks the latest tax cuts are a good idea.