Stop conning us

You can’t believe a word this president says.

He conned American voters. It was obvious then as it is now. The Republican Party got behind him, pushed for him, voted for him, lied about Hillary and supports him to this day.

There is so much wrong with this leadership. But, when a president lies to our faces every day of the week and still has an 80 percent approval rating among his party members, you just shake your head.

Now, this president and his supporters are trying to sell us a tax bill that is another insult to our intelligence. With straight faces, they say it is for the middle class. For years they have been railing about the country’s debt. Now the tax bill, we find out, doesn’t help middle America and will add at least $1.5 trillion to the debt. And for what? To get their billionaire donors to give more money to advance their selfish interests.

How about trying something else? First, stop lying. Second, give us tax reform that helps our businesses compete. Give them added deductions for adding jobs in our own country and increasing wages for workers. Surcharge them for moving plants and jobs elsewhere. If they can’t do that, at least, stop conning us.