Rushing the tax bill

There is good reason the Republicans are rushing the tax legislation: It is a lie. The longer the public has to review it, the more it smells.

First, it will cost the middle class. A very modest tax cut now is due to expire in a few years and middle class taxes will go up. The tax cut to the corporations, by contrast, is permanent.

Second, it will provide vast tax benefits to the wealthiest. They, not you, me, or workers, are the great beneficiaries of the corporate tax cuts (and many others). Getting rid of the estate tax for example, a Republican priority, only benefits the wealthiest 2/1,000 of the population, the rest of us will pick up the slack.

Third, it balloons the deficit by at least $1.4 trillion. Republicans will amazingly discover this deficit in ten years, blame it on social security and other safety net programs and demand cuts!

Fourth, just when it should get easier for middle and working class kids to get a college education, this bill increases costs associated with getting a higher degree.

Fifth, this 550-page bill, introduced just a few days ago, includes many “special features” such as lower taxes on beer producers, for no particular reason! Just payoffs to Republican donors.

This tax scam, trickle down, has proven wrong over and over: cut taxes on the wealthy and the economy will flourish, the deficit will go down, the middle class will do better. Lies!

Is it really possible that there aren’t three Republican senators with the decency to vote against it?