Shame on them

This morning, I was astonished to read that in the settlement agreement reached with the city and its insurance carriers that the firm of Nixon, Vogelman, Barry, Slawsky & Simoneau is getting $738,000, or, more than 50 percent out of the $1.3 million settlement. In my mind, this is an entirely new level of obscenity and amounts to legalized thievery! I am sure that this firm is very proud of themselves in this regard and will no doubt advertise the monetary amount of the settlement as an inducement for other potential clients to make a mad dash to their firm when they have a problem.

I fail to understand how this firm in good conscience can walk away with that amount given the lad’s situation. There is no doubt in my mind that the boy’s family needs the money more than the law firm. I wonder if Morgan and Morgan the “For the people” barristers, who subject us to saturation advertising on television, are looking for this level of payment for their services.

Is it any wonder that things are such a mess in Washington when Congress is loaded with lawyers and this kind of drubbing of clients goes on? I plan on addressing this issue in a complaint to the NH Bar Association. I am sure I will receive a response with the usual platitudes about how many hours were spent researching other case law to come up with the arguments in support of their legal briefs. In my mind, it is the Doucette family that lost their briefs with this settlement! Shame on this law firm!