A matter of survival

A basic difference between the Republican and Democratic parties has been exposed. That difference is not that each has different approaches to winning elections and governing. It’s a malignancy that started in Arkansas, metastasize to Washington, D.C., and finally slew the patients. For decades, that illness thrived in the Clintons and was untreated by applying the wrong political protocol. Democratic enablers were more interested in the patients’ affection than their well-being. The avoidable harm was implanted in the patients through imperial treatment and persistent defense against all conspiracies.

Not fully inoculated, the Republican party had the same decease in the early 1970s when the elected president thought he could break the law, lie about his involvement and cover it up. But, the Republican party did the right thing and rejected the President and his acts. Ever since, the Republican party slowly weeded out those who violated ethics, morals, codes and those who don’t deserve to be in public service. The Republican party admitted the wrong doing, bore the burden, and has become healthier for extricating the scourge.

The Democratic party has yet to admit the wrongs that the Clintons have perpetrated. Firstly, the party defended Bill’s lying under oath and made a deal with the devil by not impeaching him. Secondly, the party defended Hillary’s victimization for Bill’s transgressions as well as her indictments of all the women affected and then chose her as the perfect “women’s rights advocate.” Thirdly, party members elected to enforce all laws, swept away Hillary’s mishandling of highly classified information only because she was the party’s nominee. Fourthly, to fulfill the dubious divination of being the “first woman president” after the “first black president,” she stacked the deck, loaded the dice, and set the tables. She “rigged” the 2016 Democratic primary by buying, controlling and terrorizing the party apparatus.

It may take a long time, but if the Democratic party is to survive, it will have to admit the fraudulence, censure the bullies, disinfect the remaining members and impose the appropriate punishment. I doubt the Democratic party can be repentant to rebound soon. I doubt Bernie Sanders or Joe Biden will trust the Democratic party machine for a long time. I hope the Democratic voter goes to the polls with reservation and discrimination.