Responsible leadership

Alderman David Schoneman has represented Ward 3 taxpayers with fidelity since he was first elected in 2013. David stands for strong public safety, good infrastructure, wise public investment and no manipulation of the spending cap. He faithfully represents taxpayers as a non-partisan and provides excellent constituent services.

Standing against a barrage of bad public investment proposals, David remains one of the few who thoughtfully speaks for the majority of Ward 3 voters. Special interests criticize him for it, but he is on the right side and taxpayers are thankful.

David has voted for establishing All Veterans Tax Credit, for accepting the Downtown Riverfront Master Plan, for improving the Accessory Dwelling Ordinance, for updating the Heritage Rail Trail Community Garden Lease, among many examples of his sensible official actions.

Taxpayers already have lost one seat to irresponsible tax-raisers with David Deane’s farewell. City Hall has stacked allied candidates in all ward races against taxpayers. Schoneman’s opponent wants to join the board’s confederacy which caters to obvious special interests.

We have had good representation in the last 4 years with David as our Alderman, and I strongly encourage Ward 3 voters to re-elect Alderman David Schoneman. Let’s keep the few sensible aldermen we presently have.