Honest, strong leadership

State Representative and Ward 5 Alderman Don LeBrun has either had a dramatic change of heart in the last few months, or he is not being honest with the public.

At the Telegraph/LWV/Nashua Public Library-sponsored candidate forum of Sept. 27, he stated, “I’m a big proponent of all-day kindergarten.” Yet, last March, he wrote to the Board of Education that he opposes efforts to provide all-day kindergarten at every Nashua elementary school.

There is nothing nuanced about his opposition. His letter states, among other things, “The schools are turning into day-care centers at the expense of the general public. This initiative is nothing more than babysitting. … Taxpayers cannot continue to pick up the tab for other people’s offspring.”

Mr. LeBrun’s written remarks denigrate educators, dismiss the children who don’t have access to all-day kindergarten and demean their parents. But that is just half the problem. We have to question his commitment to truthfulness when his stated position changed so dramatically between his March letter and his statement at the candidate forum. We want and deserve a representative on the Board of Aldermen who is honest, respectful, thoughtful and consistently committed to representing all the residents of our ward. This is why we are voting for Ernest Jette for Ward 5 Alderman.