Experience and integrity

With the 2017 municipal election coming up next week, voters are faced with some very difficult choices in all of the races on the ballot. From Alderman-At-Large to Board of Education, every vote will matter. But with every vote comes a responsibility of the voter to know who they are voting for.

With a lot of new names running for spots all over the ballot, you just can’t vote based on whose signs you see the most driving around the city. To me, this election comes down to experience. Nashua will be faced with a lot of hard decisions in the coming years, and we will want to be sure we are represented correctly. That is why we need to be sure to vote for candidates who have experience in the aldermanic chamber.

Alderman-at-Large Mark Cookson will be getting my vote come Tuesday, because he has 10-plus years experience in the aldermanic chamber. He always puts Nashua first, and will help any resident with any question or concern they may have about any issue. Honesty, integrity and experience are what I am looking for in a candidate, and I have found that in Alderman Mark Cookson. I encourage everyone to go out and vote Mark Cookson come Nov. 7.