Valuing education

An open letter to the Nashua School Board, and the Nashua Teachers Union, in fact to any school board and corresponding teachers organization.

When was the last time you came up with an agreement that actually added value to the students education? After all, school board, aren’t the students your constituents? And isn’t your responsibility to provide them with the best education possible?

Teachers, aren’t the students your customers?

Isn’t it your business to provide them with the best education possible?

No students equals no teachers. Imagine if you were a store at the mall selling education.

Would they come in and plunk down their money to buy from you? Or, would they freely go to someone else?

Instead of sitting across from one another at the negotiation table negotiating wages, benefits, working hours etc., why don’t you sit side-by-side at a conference table and discuss how you can best add value to the students education.

P.S.: I’d be glad to facilitate such a meeting.