Turo idea a bad one

Gov. Sununu and the Republican legislature just got done passing a state budget that does not include any increases in taxes and fees. They do deserve credit for being fiscally responsible.

But now, just a few months later, Republican Rep. Sherman Packard from Londonderry is teaming up with the Speaker of the House to tax a peer-to-peer car sharing company, Turo, that operates in similar online fashion to other programs like Uber, Lyft and AirBnB. The program allows owners of private cars to offer their cars to be utilized by others online or on their mobile app. At a time when New Hampshire is trying to attract younger workers, what type of a message is this sending to young workers?

This proposed tax will undermine Sununu’s and the Republican Party’s pledge to balance the state budget without new taxes or fees. And lastly, and this is the killer, Packard’s tax would raise less than $3,000 annually for the state of New Hampshire. I believe this would hardly cover Packard’s mileage reimbursement for his frequent trips to Concord!

I urge Speaker Jasper to honor the commitment of his party and his governor to no new taxes and fees and end this effort to tax Turo users.