‘Question for the day’

Recently, our governor signed legislation that requires, as I understand, all high school seniors must complete a course in civics and pass an examination on what they have learned. I applaud this effort by our legislature, as I believe that the failure of the education community to provide such edification as to how the current corporate government operates, is the reason why few, if any of our inhabitants, can answer the question I now ask:

“Why are both major government mints, who operate on taxpayers money, and produce lawful gold and silver coins, as mandated by 1-8-5, are not issuing these coins of substance as lawful money since there is a constitutionally mandated prohibition in Article 1, Section 10. Further, RSA 275:43 (1) Clearly states, “Lawful Money.” Only gold and silver coins can be the lawful medium of exchange!

It has been speculated by many that the Federal Corporate Government, the provider of government services, has apparently seized the coins as a “prize of war,” which the corporation then sells the coins as a commodity to the highest bidder, thus profiting from the sale to finance their ever-expanding greed for power and control. It is the Federal Corporation that has created the “Federal Debt,” not the “national debt” of which there is no evidence of such debt?

This MUST be broadcast widely if you have no other answer.

Comments welcome.