Time to ‘take both knees’ on the football field

To those who disrespect our flag, disrespect our veterans and speak ill of our country, I suggest that you begin “taking both knees” during your on-field protest.

Look to heaven and ask almighty God for divine intervention to resolve the problems that you are so passionate about.

Obviously, mere mortals cannot solve your problems. Money (of which you have an overabundance) cannot solve your problems. Time during the off-season cannot solve your problems. Attention from your faithful fans cannot solve your problems. Super Bowl rings cannot solve your problems. It is apparent to me that you have all the tools necessary to solve your problems, yet your problems remain unsolved. God is the answer. I challenge you to give it a try.

At the same time, thank God for the blessings he has bestowed upon you. The athletic talent He has blessed you with, the fans that are willing to support your outrageously high salaries and the country that allows you the freedom to act in such an unacceptable manner. Be thankful – not disrespectful.

I usually display the Patriots flag on game day. I will now display the American flag on game day along with the Patriots flag. We believe in God. We are a military family. We are Patriots fans. We support our country and are so proud to salute our flag and stand for our national anthem. We have seen firsthand the sacrifice families make in order for our family members to serve in order that freedom can be served. To a husband who served 26 years and a son who served 23 years, I apologize for those who “take a knee” in disrespect of your service. They have no idea of the sacrifices you made. I do. I lived it. You deserve better.