N. Korea destruction would cause huge loss of life

25 million people live in North Korea! If we annihilate North Korea with U.S. nuclear weapons, Donald Trump will kill twice the number of people compared to Hitler’s Holocaust.

We killed more than one million Vietnamese people in 1968 alone. During the U.S. conflict in Vietnam, we killed more than 5 million Vietnamese. That is one million people less than how many Jewish people were exterminated in Hitler’s Holocaust.

During the Iraq Wars that the two Bushes ordered, we killed well over a million people in the Middle East.

Let us add up the number of people we have killed in Vietnam, Iraq and Trump’s threat to annihilate North Korea. That number comes in at well over 31 million people killed!

How are we any better than Hitler? The U.S. War Machine kills people! Let us not forget that when Trump threatens to annihilate North Korea, that we will kill more than 25 million people!