Animal trapping’s heydey is rightly over

Recently, the New Hampshire Fish and Game Department was quoted in a promotional media story that trapping of furbearers is gaining in popularity. Hardly! New Hampshire trapping licenses sold in the 2016-2017 season are down to just 479. When the furbearer biologist at the department was asked about this story, he responded that he thought he was being quoted from years past. We would like to remind the department that it is 2017.

Trapping’s heyday is over and it will never come back. People see trapping for what it is – extreme animal cruelty. It isn’t just the slam of the trap that hurts the animal. It is the pulling to escape for hours and hours that causes most of the suffering. How would any of us like to be restrained for hours, not being able to drink or eat, not being able to get back to our safe place, not being able to hide from the human who is approaching. And then to have your abuser smile and take pictures while you suffer, sometimes even taunting you, before putting an end to your life.

As a society, why do we allow this to happen to the creatures who share this land with us and have just as much right to the land as we do. It won’t always be this way, as can be seen by this downward trend in license sales, but it does make one wonder why it hasn’t stopped before now.