We should be able to deduct our property taxes

I want to start by saying that as a registered Independent, I think that Gov. Chris Sununu is doing a good job. However, I heard a report on the evening news that he supports Trump’s Tax Plan proposal(s). One aspect of the new plan should concern us.

I do realize that we are just beginning to get plan specifics. However, it’s not too early to zero in with a specific question, like property taxes.

For those of us living in New Hampshire, and particularly for those of us living in a small town like Litchfield with very few businesses, not being able to deduct our incredibly high property taxes when we file will be a huge financial loss. An average Litchfield homeowner pays almost $8,000.00 per year now. We need to pay attention to how this all breaks out and contact the governor, our senators and representatives if it looks like we cannot count the property taxes we pay as a deduction.