Arts center is a risk that is worth taking

This Election Day, Nov. 7, Nashua voters will be asked to vote yes or no to fund an arts center at the former shoe store location on Main Street.

This site presents to the people of Nashua opportunity to create an entertainment venue and art gallery in the heart of Nashua’s downtown that will bring folks into Nashua from near and far, thereby giving our city an economic boost.

There should be no doubt that this is the type of positive change our downtown needs for its economic and cultural viability. The points that some of the critics make regarding this project are well taken.

This is a risk, but nothing in life is ever guaranteed, and nothing is gained without risk. Doing nothing also is a choice and a risk. We risk that other cities are moving forward sponsoring these types of destination venues, giving their communities the competitive edge over Nashua. The proponents of this project have done their due diligence, and all the feasibility studies show that this is a risk worth taking.

I was at the Board of Aldermen meeting when it was decided to make this a ballot measure. There were many of Nashua’s downtown business owners at the meeting to speak in favor of the project, and no one knows more about risk than the downtown business community. They take a risk every day when they open their front doors for business on Main Street.

As a resident and taxpayer in Nashua, I too am willing to invest in Nashua and take a risk in our downtown, just as these business people who call Nashua their home have done. So, I urge Nashua voters to vote pro-business in solidarity with the Nashua downtown business owners and invest in this project for the sake of Nashua’s future.