Caring for planet is everyone’s concern

With America’s strong economy, variety in wildlife and iconic hypothetical freedom, it’s hard not to be proud of our country, the home of the brave. But recently elected people in the government might change all that, beginning their destruction with the beautiful planet we live on, depend on.

Why is that? How does America’s past relationship with environment affect our future? And what can citizens do to save Mother Nature from ourselves?

We could stop referring to mankind as the planet’s only citizens. The anthropocentric belief, or idea that humans are Earth’s main inhabitants, should be crumpled up in a ball and thrown in the trash, yet every day thousands of animals are killed by us kind and caring humans. One species, one that nothing would be able to live without, the bumblebee, has been driven to be put on the endangered species list as a result of pesticides, habitat loss and climate change.

We could also use our resources wisely and stop pretending they will never run out. Some examples of resources are food, fossil fuels, water and other energy sources. In the past, these resources and their availability have affected the environment greatly, even though they don’t need to.

I hope people are inspired to write, to read, to draw, to speak, to change the world – to save the world. I hope in five years people will look back on this day and be glad they did something and not just stand back.

Rachel Chubb


NOTE: The author is a student at Academy for Science and Design.