Democracy requires an informed public

To keep our precious democracy working, we need informed and engaged citizens. 

Engagement is fundamental to the social fabric of our nation. It helps each of us, and our friends and neighbors, think about our human experience; our hopes, our struggles and our achievements. Humanities help us understand life, and one another, so we can all succeed together in our complicated country. 

Here in New Hampshire, every year hundreds of successful programs and events have been offered by the nonprofit, non-state-agency called the New Hampshire Humanities that strengthens our lives together in our communities.

The free public humanities programs made possible by New Hampshire Humanities, and by our colleagues around the country, foster critical thinking, increase historical and cultural understanding, promote civil discussions of difficult issues, and deepen bonds of affiliation within communities. NHH helps us all become better citizens, regardless of our political party.

NHH is funded, in part, by the National Endowment for the Humanities. Despite the enormous positive impact of the Endowment and NHH right here at home, the new budget proposal from the Trump administration threatens to eliminate it entirely, causing very severe damage to our own NHH and their critical offerings across our state.

Your town and city, your state and your nation, are worthy of your care and support. As a Board member of NHH, I urge you to let our congressional delegation know that you support the continued funding of the Endowment and NHH, and that you oppose their elimination.

Jamison Hoff