Responding voter fraud ‘witness’ claim

While I believe Mr. Fernandez’s claim, in a Feb. 24 letter, that he saw cars with Massachusetts plates bringing people to vote in 2004, I also believe he may misinterpreted what was actually happening.  

My mother, who will be 95 in a few weeks, has been contacted by volunteers with a “Get Out to Vote” organization for every presidential election since she relocated to New Hampshire in 2000.

Because so many elderly have given up their driver’s licenses, and because there is an “inclement weather” decrease in voters who have to take mass transit, there are volunteer organizations that will chauffeur people back and forth to the polls to ensure they vote.

Just as some of the campaign door-to-door solicitors for Mitt Romney or Hillary Clinton were actually residents of Massachusetts, many of the volunteer chauffeurs are as well.

It simply seems our neighboring state has more civic-minded people to volunteer to do these things than New Hampshire does, so they travel up here to help.  

While the driver may have been from Massachusetts, I believe those voting were valid New Hampshire residents and that our diligent voting poll workers would have identified them if they were not.

Jenelline Young