Disarming Democrats, mainstream media

Though the campaign is over and there is now about one month into his presidency, I believe Donald Trump continues to foil the Democrats and their allied mainstream media’s assaults.

Tale after tale has fallen short of piercing Trump’s armor. Trump’s strength is cemented in his being non-political and politically incorrect. The “liberal progressive” tools that have been successfully used to destroy opponent politicians haven’t and won’t work on Trump. He neutralized the usual charges of racism, sexism, homophobic, bigotry and others by, in my opinion, adapting the liberal play book and using the similar, incendiary tactics against his critics.

His being non-political has convinced enough voters to believe that he will change the establishment’s control, unlike the liberal elites who vowed the status quo. He was elected by being more popular in more states than his opponent while, I think, exposing how Democrats colluded with the mainstream media to rig the system and to promote an agenda to redistribute wealth, transfer good jobs, tailor immigration policy to fit the liberal agenda to garner votes and surrender economic prosperity so the rest of the globe can catch up.

And finally, he’s understood by many who basically desire to have promises fulfilled for national security, matched justice, minimum federal intervention and rigorous interpretation of the Constitution. It’s not the way he speaks, it’s his commonsense jargon, his combative spontaneity, his ease in repudiating. If you’re with him, you love it. If you’re against him, you become insanely intolerant.

Timothy C. Tiches