We need to address climate change now

I salute the Nashua Telegraph for the top fold of the Jan. 29 edition about environmental changes impacting New Hampshire.

The Telegraph’s articles on current scientific research is exemplary. During a recent Sunday, I pulled my paper out of the box and expected to see dismal reports of the first week of a new presidential administration. Reported was the effect CO2 has on climate change as well as the measurable results that face New Hampshire. Shorter and warmer winters will impact ski tourism, snowboarding and ice fishing. Warmer temperatures will harbor pests and ticks that lead to Lyme disease, infestation and fatality of moose herds.

Climate is not just “It’s not cold, it’s not hot” or “It’s not dry, it’s not wet.” Press reports from NASA and NOAA sites state “increased carbon dioxide and other human-made emissions into the atmosphere have caused the average temperature of the planet to increase by 2 degrees.”

That’s not good. Our deadline is 4 degrees and we’re already at 2, now what?

We need to stop burning fossil fuels. A system of placing fees on fossil fuels at the source and returning 100 percent of those net fees to every American on an equal basis.

We need to address this issue now. Climate change is real and we are seeing this daily. Socio-economic issues also stem from climate change, as do political and national security policies.

Jennifer Lemoine


NOTE: The author is a volunteer with the Citizens Climate Lobby.