What we’ve learned in Trump’s first month

Here are some early lessons from the first 30 days.

First, I believe the Democratic Party is a pitiful loser. They use the excuses of a rigged election, Russian intervention, finger-pointing, decrying the Electoral College system; anything to explain the party’s defeat. Anything except acknowledging a pathetic performance – jobs, foreign policy, technology development, naming just a few – covered by what I believe to be lies and “statistics.”

Second, regrettably America’s well-being isn’t the motivation of many protesters, who in my opinion don’t mind making a fool of themselves trying to hurt someone with different views. They have their own agendas. Consider the Women’s March – in order to get big attendance numbers to protest the supposed lack of respect for women and LGBTQ rights from President Trump, I think protesters teamed with Muslims and other Sharia-law supporters who discriminate against, abuse and kill women and homosexuals worldwide.

Like any other young administration, the Trump administration has made rookie mistakes. The difference, in my opinion, has been in the coverage by the media who tried to block Trump during the election and now it’s trying to destroy his presidency. Americans have the right to criticize and those who actually love the country should feel encouraged to do so now, since after the election, unlike during the previous administration, disagreeing with the president won’t label them racists.

Enrique Sernik