Support the Citizen’s Climate Lobby in NH

An article appearing in The Telegraph on Feb 13., “Fight over renewable energy comes to New Hampshire,” surprised me.

I was surprised to learn we have special interest groups such as Americans for Prosperity – founded by billionaire Koch brothers – in New Hampshire seriously advocating our state legislators to increase greenhouse gas emissions. Increasing emissions would move us in the wrong direction. We must reduce the level of carbon-dioxide – the primary greenhouse gas – to a level that will avert harmful climate change effects. Scientists tell us that level is 350 parts per million in the atmosphere, but last year we went above 400 ppm, mostly due to fossil fuel usage. 

We should keep our current Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (RGGI) policy in place in New Hampshire, and do more. I’m an advocate for the Citizen’s Climate Lobby Carbon Fee and Dividends proposal, which places a fee on carbon and returns the revenue equally to all residents. This is a market-based solution that will help grow our NH economy.

I support the Citizen’s Climate Lobby because it is a grassroots lobby made of citizens advocating for common interests, not special interests. 

Anita Cala