Redistricting is an important local issue

Thanks to Katharine Gregg for her "Redistrict with math, not politics" in the Feb. 12 edition of The Telegraph.

You might be thinking my eyes glaze over discussing an issue like this, but district maps are basic to our representative democracy. I agree we should all be talking about this with our legislators.

What we the people want and deserve are competitive districts, where the voters have real choices. What those in power want – and can sometimes get with the current process – are politically safe districts that reliably vote one way. Allowing those in power to redistrict inevitably allows legislators to "pick their constituents," rather than the other way around. Whether by mathematics or by independent commission, such as the one proposed by SB 107, we need to change the process to be nonpartisan. My political friends tell me this is tough, and those in power seldom give it up easily. It’s time to contact your state senator and representatives and encourage them to do the right thing.

Mike Ballentine