Onus is on Trump to prove media wrong

I worked as a journalist for 10 years, from 1979-1989, and back then, if we in the news business got it wrong, it was our responsibility to show us that we were wrong and then make a correction.

That’s the way it’s always been done. That’s why reputable media outlets are reputable. They correct their mistakes. They admit when they are wrong.

The onus right now is not on the media, it’s on the president – the accuser. Show us proof that we were wrong and we will correct it.

And then prove your claim that 3-to-5 million voters voted illegally. And then show us your tax returns to prove that you have zero financial interests in Russia.

What is the White House attempting to do by throwing out so many bits of misinformation – disinformation really. They hope that we can’t possibly keep up with the onslaught. The White House team hopes to create enough destabilization through the chaos that enough Americans will feel vulnerable enough that they will follow their dear leader, the strongman. This is scary stuff.

Roger Tilton