Improving President Trump’s 7 nation list

President Donald Trump’s executive order bans people from seven Muslim countries.

Since our war on terror began on Sept. 11, 2001, no radicals from these countries have killed anyone in America – zero.

It is interesting to note that 15 of the 19 terrorists on that fateful day were from Saudi Arabia, but there is no ban for them. About 3,000 Americans died. Oops, must have missed that one.

We apparently have to protect Christians but nine died in South Carolina during a prayer service when a gunman opened fire. Using a quote from the president – "Until we find out what is happening," all South Carolinians should not be allowed in this country. After 6 people were killed in a Sikh temple in Milwaukee, people from this city should also be on the banned list. Twelve people died in a shooting at Washington Navy Yard at the hands of a former sailor and, at Fort Hood in Texas, 13 innocent people were murdered by an Army major. It is obvious that all military personnel trying to enter the U.S. should also be "thoroughly vetted?"

Does this executive order keep America safe from harm?

Dave Williams