A digital necessity for all people this year

With computer in hand and fingers on the keyboard, I have the opportunity to network, browse current articles and peak into lives other than my own.

This power of individualism and capacity to develop myself within the digital world give me a crucial advantage over many others. Right now, more than four billion people remain disconnected from the internet and thus lack a fundamental connection to the rest of the globe. As technology saturates Western society, it continues to flee the hands of those who truly need its benefits.

In this dominant media age, we must ensure those suffering around the globe from underdevelopment, governmental corruption or human injustice, have the power to display their fight with the hope of gaining outside support.

In times like this, it is important that programs like the Digital Gap Act be implemented so that we can begin to bridge the technological split that plagues countless populations and their ability to survive. When we see technology as a newfound human right, rather than a western privilege, we can move closer to a world of awareness and mutual understanding.

Ryan Montbleau