Taking part in a march for womens’ rights

On Saturday, Jan. 21, I will join thousands of women marching in Washington, D.C., for The Women’s March on Washington. I have decided to march because women’s rights are human rights. I march for women who rely on the ACA and Planned Parenthood for necessary healthcare and contraception. I march to show that we will not accept religious persecution, racial intolerance or discrimination based on sexual orientation. I march for my daughter so that she may grow up in a world that pays her equally for her valuable time and talents, and so that she knows no boundaries based on her gender. I march for my sons, so that they recognize the importance of women’s contributions to the world. I march to join voices with women while we tell the world that we are present, we have voices and votes, and we will not give up.

While 200,000 women march in Washington, there will be women around the country and the world also marching in almost 300 sister marches in every state of the nation as well as 55 global cities. Our local marches will be held in Portsmouth and Concord. I hope that New Hampshire women and men will join us in recognizing the worth and value of women. I hope that they will join us in making a bold statement to the incoming administration that we will not be ignored.

I hope they join us because there is still more work to do.

Genevieve Coursey

Mont Vernon