Right success vs. left success

A recent Letter to the Editor challenged those on the Republican side to specify the "measure of success" of the candidate who received more popular votes in most of the 51 elections scheduled on the same day in early November 2016 as constitutionally mandated. I’ll accept the challenge with a simple and basic response so that the other side will clearly remember it, albeit they may forsake it.

The unemployment rate is too modest a "measure" of a successful economic policy. The best "measure" is a GDP growth rate above 3 percent, which has been illusive at best and unfeasible at least with President Obama’s core redistribution of wealth, excessive federal government intervention and pro-global vs. anti-US merit stance. A vibrant economy is tantamount to a genuine full employment.

If President-elect Donald Trump doesn’t achieve a booming economy like those during the Reagan and Clinton presidencies, then he too will have failed. But the difference between the Democratic Party and mine is that I think it is willing to denounce the president-elect if he doesn’t achieve that promise rather than use bogus indicators as pretenses.

Timothy C. Tiches