Taking a different look on race relations

Interesting how responses differ. What do you suppose would be going on in Chicago if there were four white people recorded abusing a black male with mental limitations and placing the video on Facebook? Perhaps there would be the requisite visit from theRev. Al Sharpton, and even Jesse Jackson, to lead protests through the city streets and there might even be – gasp – looting.

Instead we see four blacks doing the unspeakable physical abusing accompanied by obscenity laced rants against whites. Also, two of thugs were of the female persuasion. I saw no sign of the Rev. Al or Jesse, and our president has yet to comment about these goings on in his home city.

I also saw a lot less news coverage of these outrageous acts than some of the recent events where the victim was black. There was no looting, no marching in the streets and no protests. It was also disappointing that no one seemed to quickly be able to classify this as as a racially motivated hate crime. I doubt there would be any such hesitation if the roles were reversed. Let’s tell it like it is, these perpetrators are less than human and I think it’s fair to hope they never reproduce.

Michael Chisholm