GOP does have a plan to remove Obamacare

Nashua Democratic Rep. Cindy Rosenwald seems more concerned with protecting President Obama’s signature legislation, also known as Obamacare, than focusing on fixing what doesn’t work.

Ms. Rosenwald and other Democrats continue their scare tactics by claiming that Republicans don’t have anything to replace Obamacare.

Where is their proof that there is no Republican plan? I believe there is a plan. I believe they have always had a plan – they are refining that plan before introducing it unlike (former Democratic House Speaker) Nancy Pelosi who infamously declared that "we must pass this (ACA) bill to find out what’s in it."

Republicans are not rushing to shove bad legislation down the throats of Americans because health care costs are more important to us all than boosting the ego of one man. I think Obamacare has not lowered costs. Rather, millions of Americans have seen their insurance premiums skyrocket, not to mention causing deductibles to be raised by thousands of dollars. How does that help the average American? Where is the saving for the people?

Ms. Rosenwald incredulously claims that the ACA has improved the Medicare plan for 275,000 New Hampshire beneficiaries and strengthened the Medicare Trust Fund. How?

In case you haven’t noticed, people on Social Security received a whole .03 percent raise this year, only to find that their Medicare premiums were raised by that same amount resulting in – oh, that’s right – no raise for them thanks to Obamacare. Once again, Ms. Rosenwald prefers to scare people and claim the Trump Administration is going to make people suffer. Give me a break.

Diane Lothrop