Obama has some big holes in his legacy

President Barack Obama’s legacy is particularly troubling in two aspects that will affect our youth for some time, in my opinion. I think he was a president that hid behind the race card whenever his decisions were questioned, he’s handing off a country with much more racial tension than the one he received. This despite his being elected by an overwhelming white majority, and that by being biracial, had the background to close the racial gap. Obama’s attitude empowered violent racist groups like Black Lives Matter and weakened our police, and in doing so polarized the American people in a way not seen for decades.

I believe the second legacy hasn’t received enough attention. Obama devastated a space program that for over 60 years was America’s pride, and a main reason for America’s economic and political world success. As a result he’s leaving a huge hole in knowledge that will be felt for years to come. Obama’s lack of work experience in public and private sectors, combined with his arrogance, prevented him from understanding that the space program is much more than missions to the Moon. Diapers, Teflon, computers and cell phones just to name a few, all developed as a result of solving needs for the space program. Since industry lags behind innovations, we may never catch up. An exaggeration? Consider that we went from being the leaders in space to not being able to send our astronauts to our own space station in just 8 years! I thnk Obama gets an "F" in both aspects. Or perhaps an "I", but for incompetence.

Enrique Sernik