A resolution for 2017 … make no changes

The new administration would do us all a favor if the U.S. just kept doing what it has for the past 8 years.

More than 17 million jobs have been created. The 10 percent recession unemployment rate has been pushed down to 4.6 percent (considered full employment). The stock market, a proxy for the strength of businesses, has nearly tripled. What a great investment.

Our country is nearly energy independent and wind and solar have quadrupled. Our children and grandchildren will be happy that leaders of the world have recognized a serious problem when they signed the Paris International Climate agreement.

They will also be pleased that our young soldiers are no longer dying in endless ground operations in Iraq and Afghanistan. And, that we have decided to rejoin the civilized world and outlaw medieval torture methods.

Nuclear weapons in Iran are a distant fear thanks to the world powers, led by the U.S. When it comes to securing our borders, a 53 percent drop of those entering illegally, since 2009, and 2.5 million removed through immigration orders (who would have known) is a healthy place to start for those who want reform. Speaking of health, 20 million of our friends, neighbors and relatives now have insurance to help them meet their health care needs.

We are on the right track and watching to see if the 2017 leaders will continue a record of accomplishments that all Americans can be proud of.

Dave Williams