Putting Ward 7 first from the Statehouse

It is less than a week before the general election. There are many decisions to be made. There is still time to look at the down-ballot races and get to know your candidates. In the spirit of all politics being local, I would like to introduce myself to the voters in Ward 7.

My name is Catherine Sofikitis. I have lived in Nashua for 30 years.

I am retired from Brigham and Woman’s Hospital, where I worked as a registered nurse in critical care. I have one son, Alex. I was a widow and have since remarried. I am running because I love my ward.

There are many decisions in Concord that are being made daily, and it is up to us to see exactly what is going on up there. I believe that all decisions made by the Legislature must put the people of New Hampshire first. This means that both sides of the aisle must put down partisanship and do the job and the will of the taxpayers who sent them there.

If there are straight party-line votes, it means that people are putting ideologies in front of the citizens. It is time for action. I believe in rail expansion, getting away from from fossil fuels, increasing the use of renewable energy, and knowing what is in our food and where it came from.

I firmly believe in leaving our state in better shape than we found it. I am asking you for your vote Nov. 8.

Catherine Sofikitis