Main Dunstable a better poll for Ward 5

Reading Lawrence Lutton’s letter to the editor in the Sunday Telegraph brought to light a similar situation with the Ward 5 polling place.

We used to vote at Main Dunstable Elementary School, off Whitford Road. The parking is adequate, with the road coming in on one end of the property and exiting out the other. Street parking is also available on Whitford Road. The lighting is excellent, and both Whitford Road and the school have sidewalks for people to walk on.

However, the school has been replaced by the Crossway Christian Church as a polling place. The CCC is off Main Dunstable Road, with minimal sidewalk access. Cars enter and leave on the same narrow road. The parking area, which is dimly lit, is much smaller than the school’s. If you are not in a car, you can’t get to the polling place without either walking on Main Dunstable Road or in the access road itself.

For the safety of voters who don’t or can’t drive or who simply would like to walk to the polls, the Ward 5 polling place should be moved back to Main Dunstable Elementary School.

Stanley Strout