Democrats make case against themselves

How on earth does Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton get away with it? Listening to them debate, one would never know that we’ve had a Democrat in the White House for the last eight years. They talk about the lousy job market, persistent low wages, income inequality, the huge debt burden on our college graduates and of course, the ever-present war on women.

How does Obama get a pass for the dire straits we find ourselves in? I realize it’s a delicate balance for Hillary to criticize him while also looking for his endorsement. Now, a few might say it’s not all Obama’s fault; he couldn’t get the Republicans to give him a blank check. Well, he got enough blank checks to run the national debt to $19 trillion dollars. We will all pay a heavy price for that for many years to come.

And let’s not forget, Obama got his "Affordable" Care Act, (Obamacare) passed without any Republican support. He got the Dodd-Frank Act to "reform" the financial industry. He pretty much took over the student loan industry. And he got almost a trillion dollars to stimulate the economy in his first term. Yet we still hear Democrats complain about poor health care, poor job prospects, poor wage growth and growing income inequality. I’d say they’re making a good case for why we should reject sending another Democrat to the White House.

Norman Blanchette