Leave minimum wage to business owners

I would like to counter Sen. Donna Soucy’s commentary of Feb. 8 about the need for a higher minimum wage in New Hampshire.

Apparently she has never actually worked for or owned a for-profit company because the whole idea of a minimum wage makes no sense in these times. For-profit businesses hire people based on need and pay whatever is required to get qualified help.

With the economy as it is, I have serious doubts about her claim that 141,000 residents make minimum wage. In the building trades, we can’t find any help at all, and we pay far above minimum wage. Fast-food restaurants also pay above minimum wage, so where exactly are all these minimum wage earners? And why don’t they move on to better-paying jobs? She touts a study by the economic policy institute, but doesn’t mention they are affiliated with the labor movement. Unbiased? I think not.

Her idea that because someone wants more money, then they should get it flies in the face of reality and does nothing more than cause businesses to raise prices in order to pay higher rates, which makes the new minimum wage subpar again.

Government entities that do not have to make a profit and rely instead on taxes extracted from the working class have no business making these asinine laws. We should instead concentrate on better training for the few people stuck in the lower-wage jobs so they can move up economically, instead of stagnating in the dead-end job because the government says it has to pay more.

Dan Sloan