What happened to ‘home of the brave’?

I am ashamed at Gov. Maggie Hassan and Sen. Kelly Ayotte. I had expected the calls to stop accepting Syrian refugees from the usual chickenhawk pundits, but hoped for more reason and fortitude from my elected officials.

Asking the government to guarantee with 100 percent certainty that none of the refugees is an ISIS plant is absurd. It simply cannot be done. At the height of the Cold War we didn’t attempt to impose such ridiculous restrictions.

Was it only last spring that the world recoiled in horror at the picture of a child who washed up on a beach after drowning in an attempt to reach the European Union? The fact that only three Syrian refugees have been accepted into the country and reached New Hampshire is a travesty. These people have seen their country engulfed in a civil war for over four years; a war that has included the use of chemical weapons and barrel bombs on civilians. Is there any surprise that they’ve fled?

I’m reminded of the Jewish refugees from Nazi Germany who were turned away from every country in the world and eventually returned to Germany, where they were sent to the gas chambers. After World War II we, and every civilized country, vowed never again.

Shame on our leaders. And shame on us for tolerating behavior like this this from them. We should change the final stanza of the national anthem. This is clearly no longer the "home of the brave."

Barry Tannenbaum